BMB-BTMC Tube Recycling Machine

Reduce waste and save money with the new BMB-BTMC Tube Recyling Machine. Old and used tubes travel from the machine's automated hopper and into the processing chamber where they are sprayed with ink and both ends are ground clean to create a reconditioned and reusable product.

With a process time of just six seconds per tube, this machine is an advantageous addition to any high production environment.

Effectiveness of the BB2 Cooling Chamber

The innovative BB2 external heat exchanger and internal diffusion tray that circulate high volumes of cool, dry air through the yarn not only provides efficiency, throughput, and machine wear advantages, for both the BB2 Continuous Autoclave system and existing continuous autoclave systems, but also yarn that is simply bulkier and better looking. The video above first displays yarn exiting a heat set tunnel without the BB2 cooling chamber and then displays yarn exiting a heat set tunnel with the BB2 cooling chamber. The difference in bulk and volume is significant.

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Our Company

Belmont Textile Machinery Company specializes in dyeing, heat-setting, and winding automation. For over 50 years, we've developed and improved a line of revolutionary machinery for the carpet industry -- from our standard-setting Model 68-10 winder in 1968, to our automatic doffing Model AD-35 winder, to our advanced EW models.

Through dedicated effort and a passion for American manufacturing, Belmont continues to thrive as one of the world's premiere textile machinery manufacturers, assisting textile companies worldwide in their competitive quest for excellence, productivity, and profitability.

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